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Meet The Owners

Sutherland Landscaping is a family owned company committed to delivering peace of mind through professional landscape services. We believe that caring for spaces is caring for people. That value comes across in our dealings with you, our customers, and in our commitment to a finished product that breathes life back into those who enjoy it. The truth is, we like you even more than we like plants! We primarily serve the Fraser Valley with a focus on Abbotsford, Mission, Langley and Chilliwack.

Our Values

At Sutherlands, we believe that culture matters.

Our values are represented by the acronym S.H.A.P.E. We are committed to the following cultural values that describe the type of company we want to be. Every interaction you have with Sutherland Landscaping should embody these values.



The core motivation of our company. We want to serve our customers and employees in the same way we would want to be served.


Hard Work as a Team

We are in this together as a team. We believe that each person is of value and has an important role to play. When things get hard, we work together.


Attention to Detail

Quality work is all in the details. We strive to be a workplace that has the focus and pacing needed to provide the quality work our customers deserve.


Positive and Perseverant Attitude

The culture of any company is dictated by the attitude of its people. We seek to be a company that chooses an attitude of joy and perseverance.


Environment of Growth

We are committed to a lifestyle of growth by seeking to become better every day, both for ourselves and for our customers.

What Makes Us Different?

Quality Work

We believe that quality work is serving others with integrity. It will distinguish us from our competition and be the foundation of our company.

Long-term Relationships

We believe that good relationships are key to success. We strive to build long-lasting relational bridges with all our clients and employees.

Intentional Development

We want to foster a growth mindset both for the business as well as our own personal development. Every year we want to get better. Just like we help plants and properties flourish, we also want to see our people and business flourish.


You can count on us. We have built a reputation on punctuality, great attitude, and finishing the job right every time. Rest assured knowing your landscaping services consistently are on time without comprising our exceptional standards.

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